Inventing Tap-n-Flush

Overly ambitious design requirements for the Tap-n-Flush dual-flush converter made it nearly impossible to bring the product to market.   After six years of Research & Development, product life testing and numerous modifications the Tap-n-Flush system was ready to be unveiled by the later part of 2013.  The three founding design requirements for the Tap-n-Flush were as follows: A quick and easy installation requiring no tools, an intuitive design for minimal change in user flushing habits, and 100% adaptable to convert every toilet in America to dual flush.  The last design requirement was by far the most challenging.  Trying to design a dual flush converter which can fit within one hundred years of plumbing evolution was a near impossible task.  A matrix of all the different toilets, flush valves types, toilet tanks, flush levers and re-fill valves reveals that there are thousands of combinations of toilet types in America.  The only feasible dual flush conversion design that is 100% compatible with the thousands of existing toilet combinations is a hang & clip style system which does not require removal of any toilet components.

The Design Challenge

By not requiring removal of any toilet components during the dual flush conversion process, compatibility issues became greatly reduced.  With zero toilet compatibility issues created the two primary challenges that remained for the Tap-n-Flush were as follows: Design a weight system which could counter varying levels of flush valve buoyancy, and secondly develop a method for quickly connecting a weight to each of the different flush valve types without the need for tools.  The level of buoyancy varies among each flush valve so the Tap-n-Flush needed an adjustable weight system where the total weight could be increased based on the buoyancy of each flush valve type.  Each flush valve type also has a different shape which requires a weight design that allows the weight to easily attach to the different flush valve shapes.  The weight and adaptor components were designed to allow the Tap-n-Flush weight to connect to all flush valves.   The two primary design challenges were achieved and material selection for all Tap-n-Flush components is limited to only the highest of quality.  The Tap-n-Flush is an exceptionally priced product that will provide many years of quality service life, while saving both water and money for the consumer.

A True Universal Fit

There is a wide range of flush valves and flapper chain variations found throughout North America.  Most people do not realize how many different toilet types have emerged over the last hundred years of plumbing evolution, so to shed some light in this area we have listed below all the flush valve types and chain variations that the Tap-n-Flush dual-flush converter has been designed to connect with:
Ball-bead chains, plastic chain links, rubber flushing straps, small metal chain links, large metal chain links, long arm Kohler flappers, shark fin style Kohler flapper, Crane flappers, large ball float flapper, standard size 2” valves, oversized 3” valves, Champion style flush valves, Oversized 4” Flush Valves, Mansfield Valves, Tower Valves / Canister Valves,  Lift Wire Valve, Actuator Valves , Kohler Valves, Two Piece Toilet, One-Piece Toilet  (Low-Boy Toilets) and everything else that’s in between.

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