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Ten years ago I began contemplating a dual flush converter design that could convert every toilet in America to dual flush.  It was clear that the ideal dual flush system would be able to fit every toilet, be simple to install and allow for less water to be used when flushing liquid waste without compromising the integrity of a powerful large flush.  I spent many years thinking about the design while working as a commercial real estate analyst.  During 2007 when the real estate market began declining I took the leap and began inventing Tap-n-Flush full time.  My Hawaii based company, Prodius LLC is located on the beautiful Island of Oahu, and just around the corner from the world famous Waikiki Beach.

A highly skilled design team engineered the Tap-n-Flush dual flush converter.  The American design team includes a mechanical engineering firm in New York, an industrial designer in New Jersey, and an electrical engineering firm in Missouri.  The founding design requirements for the Tap-n-Flush was to create a dual flush conversion kit that can convert every toilet in North & South America to dual flush without the need for tools and easy enough for anyone to install.  For the past five years I have worked relentlessly to perfect the Tap-n-Flush, dedicating three years to initial design work with the American engineering team and nearly three years refining the design a manufacturer located in China.

I truly believe perfection is met when a product can both save money and conserve our planets natural resources.


Jeff Nasrallah
Tap-n-Flush Inventor & Owner

Pool Side Testing

It was discovered early-on that the time consuming flush testing process could be sped up significantly by moving the test facility to a swimming pool deck and modifying the flush testing procedure.  Instead of waiting after each test flush for the toilets water fill valve to automatically re-fill, a 5-gallon bucket was used to manually re-fill the toilet tank after each test flush.  Manually re-filling the toilet tanks decreased the flush testing time by an average of thirty seconds per flush.  Thirty seconds may not sound like a long time, but when performing tens of thousands of test flushes, thirty seconds begins to add up quickly.  Other benefits are that the pool-side test facility is located in Hawaii with great year-around weather; also thousands of gallons of fresh water were saved during flush testing.  A wood ramp was placed beneath the toilets during test flushing, which channeled flushed water back into the pool for recycling.

Custom designed automated test fixtures for indoor laboratory testing where also used.  Toilets were repeatedly cycled (dry-flushed) in excess of half a million flushes to test the integrity and durability of the Tap-n-Flush dual-flush converter.  Testing proved that the Tap-n-Flush dual-flush system has the mechanical strength to withstand more than 50 years of flushing for a family of four, (More than half a million consecutive test flushes without failure).

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