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Tap-n-Flush works with every toilet!

Flappers • Lift Wire Valves • Mansfield Valves • Actuators • Tower Valves • 1 Piece Toilets

Adaptor components are included with the Tap-n-Flush dual-flush kit to allow every toilet to be converted. No matter what flush valve type is in your toilet, tools are never needed and parts never need to be removed from your toilet!” Requires 4-AA batteries (not included). Battery Life (up to 3 years). Our “Guaranteed Fit Promise” comes with a full refund of the purchase price & all shipping costs. Other dual-flush converters require replacing parts of your toilet, resulting in compatibilty being the leading consumer complaint.



Select Water Usage

Water conservation at your finger tips

Just select your desired water usage for the small & large flush. The Revolutionary Electronic Tap-n-Flush uses your selected small and large flush setting to control how long each flush lasts, and ultimately how much water is used per flush.

How low can your toilet go?

The lower the dial is turned the more water is saved!

What is the correct setting for your toilet?

There isn’t a setting number that’s right for all toilets. To maximize water savings we recommend using the lowest setting number that completely removes all waste from the toilet bowl.


Detailed installation instructions for each flush valve type are available for download. If you want to see the exact installation procedure for your particular toilet, then download the installation guide & addendum manual.

No Risk Purchase!

We guarantee tap-n-flush will fit your toilet or get a full refund!

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